Yardi Jumpack

This Jumpack video demonstrates why this jump is so unique and exciting.


Product Image of the Yardi Jumpack portable kicker jump

The Yardi Jumpack is a truly portable and highly capable kicker jump. It was expertly designed to fold up into a backpack and yet can be set-up in 20 seconds. Weighing in at just over 13 pounds, a Jumpack can be easily transported in the included backpack wherever adventure takes you.


Image of a rider using the Jumpack to jump onto a large berm

What's the Story?

The Jumpack was designed by Philip Mcintosh, a champion BMX and Downhill Mountain biker from Northern Ireland. He combined that experience and knowledge with his engineering skills and years of dedication to the mission of creating the world's most highly capable and portable jump.

And not only does the jump work well for mountain bikers and BMX riders, it is also loved by skateboarders, scooter riders and inline skaters. And Phil even created a handy attachment for a GoPro to get spectacular launch videos.