About Us

Many kids, youth and adults are developing a passion for mountain biking. When riding your local singletrack, there are often features such as skinnies, logs, rock gardens, ramps, drops, berms and many other such obstacles that appear fun, but can also be intimidating. The Yardi team has thoughtfully designed durable, effective and fun practice equipment that will help you improve your skills and confidence on the trail.

Build your own backyard skills park or set-up for a team coaching session with Yardi's modular design, scalable to accommodate additions when you need that next challenge. These products and systems are intended to give new riders a place to develop that initial confidence for attacking the features you encounter on the trail, while also providing a means for more experienced riders to practice their skills anytime. 

Yardi MTB specializes in designing and manufacturing products that promote skill development and confidence in aspiring mountain bikers. Our ambition is to get people of all ages outdoors, on their mountain bikes and on the trails.   

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Our goal is to design and build the highest quality products so that our customers can ride with a smile!

-The Yardi Team