If you are reading this, you have either purchased one or more of our sets, jumps, skinnies, rollers, platforms, teeter totters, ramps, or you're seriously considering it. Our mission is to ensure that you're delighted with our products, so we'll do our best to share responses to questions that have come in from some of our buyers and prospective customers. If your questions are not listed here, don't hesitate to contact Yardi directly through our website or through our Facebook or Instagram pages.


  • Are the ramps slippery?
    1. The riding surface is a composite material, much like high quality composite decking. We have designed in some grooves for traction so you should not expect slippage in the riding direction. However, advance riders that like to practice lateral hops between features could experience some slippage, much like you would when trying these moves on actual trail features.


  • Do the ramps move when being ridden on?
    1. These products were designed to be used on the earthen ground, not on hard, slick surfaces. Most of our demos have been on grassy yards or dirt track areas. In these settings the features, which are quite sturdy, usually settle into a specific location. With aggressive riding, the features could move. 
    2. If movement is a major concern, we recommend using stakes to fix the features securely to the ground. Yardi does not provide these products, but they can be purchased from a local hardware store.


  • Can I use the products on hard surfaces?
    1. Although designed for being placed on the grassy ground or dirt trails, some people have used Yardi products on hard surfaces. We are working on a hard surface conversion kit that would add rubber feet to the frames to minimize movement and different style entrance ramp features. If you're interested in using our products on a hard surface, contact us directly about getting the necessary components for this.


  • How portable are the features?
    1. If you watch our Instagram feed you can see some of our posts that show the product being moved. For small moves, most adults can slide or “walk” the features to a different direction or location.  For loading into vehicles, we recommend two people.


  • What else can my Yardi products be used for?
    1. Although these products were designed for use with mountain bikes, customers have also used them for features on backyard sliding hills in the winter for snowboard / ski jumps, and sledding.