Yardi Enhances the MTB Coach-Student Connection

Yardi Enhances the MTB Coach-Student Connection

From a skills coach to a safety monitor to a role model, high school and college Mountain Biking Coaches wear many hats. At the end of the day, their goal is to teach kids and young adults how to ride their mountain bikes better—and have fun doing it.

Riders at all levels can get stuck, lose their confidence, and ultimately, their path forward. But a great coach knows how to pull them out of the rut; coaching them through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff. Here’s how coaches can help their riders on and off the trail.

Establishing Trust

Because trust is a crucial part of progression when it comes to mountain bike riding, student riders need to know that their coach will be there for them so they can put their minds and bodies into their training without hesitation or fear. With that connection, coaches can say “that’s enough for today” or “you’ve got this, let’s give it one more go”, and it gives the student a sense of comfort and confidence.

Breaking Bad Habits

Coaches are key to helping student mountain bike riders identify their bad habits and fix them so they can unlock their full riding potential and stay safe in the progression. New riders obviously pick up bad habits when they start out, but even experienced riders aren’t immune to bad habits like poor body position or over-braking in turns. Coaches can help those riders take a step back and refresh the basics when needed.

Creating a Training Schedule

MTB training isn’t just about improving bike handling and technical skills. It’s about building strength in the leg and core muscles as well as increasing your endurance so you can ride faster, harder, and farther. Coaches can create a well-crafted exercise training schedule that supplements students’ ride time.    

Removing Distractions

Another hat that MTB coaches wear is constantly checking trail conditions. But sometimes, trails don’t always offer the best learning environment. Filled with obstacles and other distractions, trails can be daunting, causing riders to lose focus on their technique. Yardi’s Rubicon line of mountain bike practice features help coaches remove those distractions. You can quickly build a challenging course tailored to the skill the rider needs to improve. This helps focus the coaching session and enables the student to more quickly conquer the technique being practiced. If the rider nails it right away, Yardi features can be infinitely adjusted and reordered to ratchet up the challenge, or even mimic specific, real-world trail locations.

Mountain Bike Riding coaches have no shortage of resources and tools to help them make sure their students are always improving their performance. Products like the Yardi Rubicon are the perfect complement to your training regimen. Contact us today to learn more.  

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